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Center for Business Planning
Helps plan, document and evaluate all aspects of your business strategy.

Dedicated to small business monitoring and consulting, among other services.
Helps small businesses get started and grow. It covers starting, financing, marketing and managing small business.
Features a free, online course that provides the basic “do’s and don’ts” for entrepreneurs
Offers informative books, software and business forms for small business owners who need legal guidance. Topics include: legal claims, dispute mediation, tax laws, insurance and more.
Assists self-employed and home-based business owners.
Provides useful industry information, business-related services and extensive Internet functions to help business owners manage their companies.


Are you looking for interns for your business?

Monroe College has many majors and students interested in unpaid/paid internships. Get the help you need for your business while helping a student gain valuable career skills. Are you interested in learning more? Connect with the team at Monroe.

Internship Supervisors at Monroe College:

Cathy Carbonelli -
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