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Ambassador & Membership Committee

Chair: Lisa Montalto



  • Chuck Newman
  • Vivian McKenzie
  • Lauren Evans
  • Kecia Palmer-Cousins
  • Tim Warn
  • Marianne Oros
  • Jann Mirchandani
  • Cynthia Knox

Purpose: To recruit and develop new members of HVGCC, serve as official hosts at events/breakfast meetings,  develop a positive awareness of the Chamber in the community and encourage members who are not current in dues payments to retain their membership with the Chamber.


  • Establish systems, processes, and techniques to connect and engage with old/new members, identify leads for potential new members.
  • Continue to build ambassador mentoring program, inviting Board Directors to serve as mentors to new members and grow committee involvement.
  • Through recruitment efforts increase membership by 5%.
  • Increase awareness of member benefits; develop methods to communicate value of membership
  • Annually survey new and old (Lapsing) members to assess if their needs are met and seek suggestions for improvement.
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