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    Business Resources

  • Community Capital New York (CCNY)

    CCNY provides under-served communities and individuals with responsible and affordable small business, child care, energy efficiency and affordable housing loans. Contact: Carlos Fernandez. (914) 747-8020, ext.14, or www.ccrhv.org


    NYS Business Development
    Corporation (NYBDC)

    Albany-based NYBDC assists, promotes and advances the business prosperity and economic welfare of the State by providing loans to small businesses with an emphasis on minority- and women-owned businesses. Contact: Tamara Underwood (914) 358-6404 or www.nybdc.com.


    NYS Small Business
    Development Center

    New York State’s SBDC provides management and technical assistance to start-ups and existing businesses. With 24 regional centers and 29 outreach offices throughout the state, it applies its varied resources to foster solutions and entrepreneurship. Contact: (800) 732-SBDC or www.nyssbdc.org.


    Putnam County Economic
    Development Corporation (EDC)

    Putnam’s EDC offers a variety of services, including site selection, RFP responses, and regional and state collaboration, to companies considering expanding, developing or relocating to Putnam County. Contact: (845) 808-1021 or www.putnamedc.org.


    Rockland Economic
    Development Corp.

    Located in Pearl River, NY, REDC provides access to marketing, technical assistance, government contracting programs, referrals and more. It also houses and administers the Procurement Technical Assistance Center, a Small Business Center, the Rockland County Industrial Development Agency and the Rockland County Economic Assistance Corporation. Contact: (845) 735-7040 or www.redc.org.


    Small Business Association (SBA)

    The U. S. Small Business Association offers loans, loan guarantees, contracts, counselling sessions and other form of assistance to small businesses. Based in Washington, DC, it has locations throughout the U.S. Contact: (800) 827-5722, answerdesk@sba.gov or www.sba.gov.


    Westchester County Office of
    Economic Development (OED)

    OED connects business owners with the information, financial and human resources their organizations need to start, expand, stay or come to Westchester County. Contact: Adam Rodriguez, (914) 995-2963; or www.business.westchestergov.com


    Center for Business Planning
    Helps plan, document and evaluate all aspects of your business strategy.

    Dedicated to small business monitoring and consulting, among other services.

    Helps small businesses get started and grow. It covers starting, financing, marketing and managing small business.

    Features a free, online course that provides the basic “do’s and don’ts” for entrepreneurs

    Offers informative books, software and business forms for small business owners who need legal guidance. Topics include: legal claims, dispute mediation, tax laws, insurance and more.

    Assists self-employed and home-based business owners.

    Provides useful industry information, business-related services and extensive Internet functions to help business owners manage their companies.

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