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  • The Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce provides services to businesses, residents and tourists. Whether you are looking for a place to live, a new career or business that provides exceptional service, we have it.

    The majority of our businesses are located in Buchanan, Croton-on-Hudson, Cortlandt Manor, Peekskill and Putnam Valley within two villages, one city and one town. They range in size from small family run establishments like Dain's Lumber, who have been in Peekskill for more than 150 years to Entergy Nuclear Northeast, which employs more than 1200 fulltime employees.

    According to a survey by the Shapiro Group, consumers believe that businesses that are involved in the community, and are members of their local Chamber of Commerce, are trustworthy, connected to the community, listens to its customers and is a successful leader in the business community.

    Looking for a local business or service? The Hudson Valley Gateway Business directory will give you faster, higher quality more targeted results than the big search engines and most importantly will be directing you to a local business person who wants to serve you.

    Keep your community in business and support your local businesses as often as you can.

    The Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce also offers conference facilities for groups up to 40 people. Click on the Conference Room link for all the details.

    Whether you are looking for a product, service, conference space or new position. Gateway Business will “open opportunities” for you.


    Since 1915 the Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce has been “Opening Opportunities” for its members. The Chamber serves to encourage and support new businesses and professional opportunities in the area, facilitate new partnerships and promote the growth of current businesses in the community. We Advocate. We Educate. We foster the growth and well-being of our members and together work to enhance the quality of life in the communities we live in.

    Located in the heart of historic Downtown Peekskill, the Chamber office also serves as a Regional Tourism information Center for the thousands of visitors who come to the Hudson Valley Gateway Region each year.

    The Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce has a long history of success, with many milestones achieved through the dedication and commitment of its officers, board of directors, and membership.

    Our membership understands that being connected to and participating in Chamber activities is a sound business investment that “Opens Opportunities” for greater success.

    Mission Statement

    The Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce is an organization of business and civic members joined to promote and open opportunities for its members by exchanging ideas, educating and advocating on behalf of businesses in order to foster the growth and well-being of its members, and to enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve.

    Mission and Vision

    The mission of the Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce, which over the past 100 years has grown to comprise the City of Peekskill, the Towns of Cortlandt, Putnam Valley and Yorktown, the Villages of Croton on Hudson and Buchanan, and the hamlets of Montrose and Verplank and environs, is at its core twofold:

    • Encourages robust, sustainable economic growth for our region's businesses and nonprofit organizations
    • Nurture a vibrant, harmonious quality of life for our region's communities

    To these ends, the Chamber is committed to being an advocate, authority, and catalyst for civic planning, strategic development, educational excellence, cultural programs and community services. The active role played by Chamber members from the business and civic communities forms the backbone of leadership and cooperation enabling these goals to be achieved. We will always strive to foster and engage with an informed, public-spirited citizenry that shares our passion to shine as a place to live, work, and visit.


    The Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce sees a future where the talent, expertise, entrepreneurship, diversity, curiosity, and connectedness we foster among our members results in the overall community being regarded as a model for sustainable prosperity.

    To achieve this we will be recognized as the leading advocate for promoting and supporting businesses of all types and sizes. We will be the authoritative source of information about tourism, local events, business education, and opportunities in the communities we serve. We will advocate for the goals and aspirations of our constituencies before local, state and federal institutions and agencies.

    We will be the “Go To” ally for businesses, organizations, and communities that seek advice and support, as well as those who want to join with us to share their own experiences and expertise.


    Today's Hudson Valley Gateway Region lies at the crossroads of history and the future. We have inherited a beautiful place, rich in landmarks, resources, and cultural diversity. Perfectly positioned to thrive in the 21st Century.

    The Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber lives up to its promises - present and future - by harnessing the goodwill and cooperation of the community to achieve our common goals. We firmly believe that by staying true to our Mission, the Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce will be seen as an exemplar of regional success.

    We are dedicated to Opening Opportunities for businesses and communities to flourish through the following actions and agendas:

    Networking - We encourage and provide mutual support to various members, enabling connections to member businesses, providing networking opportunities through business after-hours events and meetups, and opportunities to exchange business ideas and identify mutual grounds. Through the integrated efforts of affiliates such as A.I.M. (Arts, Industry & Media), the Hudson Valley Young Professionals and our Not for Profit Committee, we provide focused events and activities. The Chamber is dedicated to building a connected community by practicing mutual support and mentorship in support of our membership and the surrounding communities.

    Supporting Education - We support higher education and lifelong learning as an engine of success. Our agenda will be advanced by giving through the Hudson Valley Gateway Foundation, whose mission is to support educational advancement at every stage of life and work. This is achieved by awarding scholarships to our community's youth, providing access to internships and mentoring and facilitating workforce development. We support tourism by contributing to the education of the wider public about the depth of artistic, cultural and natural wealth our region offers.

    Advocacy - Through our Government Action Committee, partnering with the Westchester and NYS Business Council, we monitor businesses initiatives and proposed legislation to ensure business concerns are well-represented, creating active communication with elected officials and all governing authorities regarding the concerns of our constituencies.

    Diversity - We will continuously pursue constructive agendas to foster a welcoming environment throughout our community. Through our Equity and Diversity Committee we promote forums for cross cultural dialogue, engaging a spectrum of voices, and unleashing the potential of our culturally rich population.

    Durability - The Chamber will maintain fiscal health, employing best practices as befits a business organization. We stive to be an exemplar of sound management, ensuring we are prepared to provide what is needed for those whom we serve.


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      Chamber Building 1910 - Lawson's Men's Store
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      Board of Commerce 1915
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      Chamber Building 1940's - Federal Stores
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