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    The mission of Bantam Tools is to explore the frontier of desktop manufacturing. Our products are the premier solution for engineers and designers who want to quickly manufacture prototypes, parts, and products in standard materials like aluminum and performance plastics, on their desktop, without extensive training, for a fraction of the cost and time of outsourcing.

    We empower our customers to make precision parts on a reliable machine saving them time and money. We open doors for them in terms of employment mobility and pathways to modern technical relevance through hands-on education.

    Engineers use our products to learn through quickly fabricating their designs and then go on to industry with a huge advantage over those who primarily learn through simulation. Ultimately, we are building the future we want to see by empowering engineers and students with affordable, modern, industrial-quality tools.


    The Director of Sales and Marketing will own product marketing from end to end and will work closely with the CEO to execute a compelling marketing strategy that positions Bantam Tools as the leader in desktop manufacturing. This role will continuously gather market feedback to evolve and sharpen our sales proposition and market positioning; in essence, this role owns the product-market fit and demand generation for Bantam Tools. Our technology is the best in the world at a unique time in history, similar to the early days of the laser printer and the desktop computer. Because we are at the birth of desktop manufacturing as a mainstream endeavor, throughout the lifecycle of Bantam Tools, we will build multiple markets for our products - each unique in target customer and value proposition.

    The ideal candidate has a performance content marketing and community building background and sees long-term customer engagement as a critical part of the marketing funnel. Some experience in higher education marketing is preferable, but not necessary. Most likely, a great fit will have been a sleeve-rolling, scrappy, energetic Director or VP of Marketing or Sales at a startup and a larger company at some point in their career. The Director of Sales and Marketing will also engage with the community of existing Bantam Tools customers and work closely with our support and content development teams. Marketing at Bantam Tools is a unique opportunity to compliment the support needs of existing customers while telling a compelling and inspiring story about what is possible to create using our products.


    This marketing leader must have demonstrated experience in taking a new technology and wrapping a successful marketing strategy around it.

    Skills and experience:

    • Strategic marketing for a technical product, preferably an integrated hardware and software solution for product businesses or higher education, with experience in direct-to-consumer.
    • A comfort with advanced technology products and skill with explaining technical products to non-technical users. .
    • Embraces good design as a fundamental way to add value to products and an essential differentiator of Bantam Tools products.
    • Very strong with quantitative data analysis
    • Obsessed with metrics. Knows which knobs to turn to increase the volume.
    • The ideal candidate will have been a successful member of a startup’s executive staff or a key leader of a mission-critical team.
    • Demonstrated ability and propensity for creating clear public plans of record and tracking actuals to plans.
    • A winning record at multiple successful small to medium-sized companies with a tangible legacy.


    • An innate curiosity about the world and the lives of other people.
    • Extremely high personal ethics and character, including the opinion that use of dark patterns is damaging to companies in the long term.
    • A person who believes they still have a lot to learn and has demonstrated an above average capacity to learn in previous roles.
    • A person whose knowledge, skills, style, and reputation will attract and retain the best talent.
    • An individual who was early to comprehend previous major market movements and got out in front of those shifts.
    • A strategic thinker who is not afraid to get their hands dirty
    • Enjoy the process of creating content and obsessing over effective storytelling.
    • A collaborative thinker who believes that an entire organization can contribute to marketing efforts, and that marketing efforts can contribute to an entire organization.


    Bantam Tools is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome applicants without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, marital status, or veteran status.

    Please Apply by sending Resume and Cover Letter to jobs@bantamtools.com
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