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  • PM Line Cook (Grille, Saute)

    The Abbey Inn
    Job Description
    Position: PM Line Cook (Grille, Saute)
    Department: Culinary
    Reports to: Executive Chef
    Purpose: To assist with all culinary preparation and cooking of food for both restaurant and banquet


    A distinctive element exclusive to Hay Creek Management’s approach to guest service is its “Host Philosophy,” which
    encourages each associate to develop the skills necessary to offer competent hospitality service outside the realm of
    their primary job responsibilities.
    The ability of our Host Associates to proficiently multi-task provides guests at Hay Creek properties a secure,
    comfortable confidence that their service expectations will be exceeded.
    Essential Functions:
     Be familiar with all menu items and times of offerings.
     Ensure proper timing of food preparation.
     Be familiar with a variety of the culinary field concepts, procedures, and preparation methods.
     Follow food preparation, presentation and proper service procedures.
     Inspect equipment before and after use, making sure everything is clean and in proper working order.
     Maintain cleanliness of workstation, kitchen area, and walk in cooler/freezer.
     Adhere to proper food storage practices, especially hot and cold meats, seafood and other high protein items.
     Assume responsibility for all food rotation and storage.
     Ensure that all items needed are in stock for service.
     Review prep list, check daily pars and maintain pars as necessary.
     Determine necessary preparation, freezer pull and line set up.
     Note any our-of-stock items or possible shortages.
     Prepare food of consistent quality by following recipe and production/portion standards, per check from servers.
     Practice conscious knowledge of food allergies and safety in preparation.
     Prepare food items that are able to be made ahead of time, making sure not to over-prepare estimated needs.
     Return all food items not used during shift to designated storage areas. Cover and date all perishables.
     Assist in correcting food cost, control of food waste, etc.
     Operate, maintain and properly clean deep fryer, broiler, stove, steamer, food processor, mixer, slicer, oven,
    steam table, waffle iron and flat top grill.
     Remain alert, friendly and able to get along with co-workers in a professional manner.
     Address each and every guest using the S.E.A.C. method, with a smile, eye contact, acknowledge their presence in
    a timely manner with appropriate greeting, and kindly close.
     Attend all scheduled meetings and training sessions.
     Understand and practice all HCH safety and security procedures, including Emergency Evacuation Procedures,
    Accident Reporting, Right to Know Law, Written Information Security Program, Bloodborne Pathogen Procedures,
    Anti-Harassment Policy, and Violence in the Workplace Policy.
     Comply with all Hotel and HCH time and attendance policies.
     Comply with all Hotel and HCH uniform, dress code, and appearance standards.
    Specific Job Functions include but are not limited to:
     Proper culinary techniques used to produce management expectation of all proteins, and accompanied plate
     Able to gauge temperatures of proteins while maintaining food quality, professionalism, and guest expectation

     Must have solid foundation and knowledge of culinary techniques including, but not limited too: poach, fry,
    sauté, grille, sear, roast, blanch
    Hotel Specific Essential Functions:
     Ability to remain standing for 8 hours (or 100% of shift)
     Ability to frequently move and lift up to 80 lbs.
     Ability to walk the property and grounds on occasion.
     Ability to move up and down stairs regularly.
     Ability to bend frequently and repetitively during a shift.
     Ability to reach and lift overhead.
     Ability to remain bent over a sink/tub for an extended period of time.
     Ability to use repetitive manual dexterity.
     Ability to move quickly based on guest needs.
     Ability to frequently communicate and exchange accurate information effectively.
     Ability to read, write, understand and speak English.
    Technology and Equipment:
     Automatic Dishwasher
     Chemical dispenser
     Basic Kitchen equipment
     Deep fryer
     Broiler/Salamander
     Oven/Stove
     Steamer and Steam Table
     Food Processor
     Meat slicer
     Flat Top grill
     Industrial Mixer
     Waffle Iron
    Working Environment:
     Hotel property with approximately 42 guest rooms.
     Work will primarily take place in a kitchen environment.
     Group and solo work.
     Practice and observe all safety procedures.
     Interior of hotel, in all areas with exposure to extreme temperatures.
     Exterior of hotel with exposure to weather conditions.
     Exposure to various hazardous chemicals.
    No Job Description for a position can possibly include all duties which may be requested by guests or required by the
    hotel. The objective of all positions is to effectively provide the services personally, or to immediately refer requests
    to the appropriate department manager. The items listed above are a summary of the major responsibilities of the
    position that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of the position. Reasonable
    accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
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