• Event Assistant

    Events To Remember
    Job Description
    Position Description:  Perform routine clerical and administrative functions such as drafting correspondence, scheduling appointments, organizing and maintaining paper and electronic files. Assist the President & Events Team in organizing events, public relations, and promotional activities as needed. 
    Major areas of responsibilities: 
    1. Manage general administrative tasks
      • Data entry to boost sales and keep client lists organized and easily accessible
      • Create sales kits and promotional mailings
      • Assist with database tracking and maintaining the events databases when needed (i.e. inputting delegate registration, confirming event registrations, etc.)
    2. Production of Event Signage & Frames for Events
      • Print out signs or pamphlets at the office or print store, and put them neatly in clean frames 
      • Going around local areas to put signage
    3. Order/pick-up supplies
      • Dropping off postage, shipping items out, picking up stamps
      • Picking up ETR items after an event
    4. Publicize upcoming community events
      • Research free newspapers, magazines, and online community calendars that are relevant
      • If there are flyers for an event, post them on places for free where they are visible.
    5. Assist PR team to create e-blasts via mail chimp with direction from the President and/or PR team
      • Be creative and edit multiple times to have NO spelling or grammar errors!
    6. Assist with sourcing and requesting information for the booking of venues and vendors
      • Go to multiple venues and get information on menus, packages, etc. for each one
      • General research as needed
      • Excel spread sheets are your friend! J
    7. Write-up invitation orders with prior review from President and/or Event Coordinator
    8. Managing in-office duties
      • Taking phone calls and take messages, conference calls and emails, sales outreach calls
      • Getting the mail, filing, billing
    9. Taking notes during meetings
    10. Prepare packing sheets for events & pack up:
      • Pack Pre & Post Event Box & Supplies Set-up
        • Nametags, pens, pencils, packages, ETR coupons
        • Gift bags, goodie bags
        • Registration lists, contact sheets
        • Invitation display & book
    11. Assisting with the organization of events before and after as needed
      • (i.e. pack before event lifting materials, setting up, etc.)
      • Send out invitations, e-blasts, advertise
      • Assist with Day-of timelines, schedules, maps, vendor lists
      • Send out thank you emails to all who attended, or to the client who hosted the event
    12. Assist with managing CJH’s Appointment Calendar, and keep her on task
    13. Send Confirmation Letters and/or E-mails (Vendors, Customers, etc.)
      • Staff/vendor confirmation & letter of agreement              
        • Who/what/when/where for staff confirmations
    14. Assist Event Coordinator with Draft Event Sheets for new events
      • Run of Shows, Next Step Time lines
    15. Update Vendor and client spreadsheets as needed 
    16. Stay on-top of event trends
      • Research and stay on top of social media trends (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.)
    17. Send final Press Release to the media via e-mail, with direction from the President and/or PR Coordinator
      • NO spelling or grammar errors! Revise and edit!
    18. Maintain/distribute staff office reminders on our project management software (i.e, weekly schedules, conference calls, schedule staff for assignments)
    19. Prepare the annual events calendar for ETR and update Monthly White Board
    20. Create PowerPoint Presentations, and send to potential new customers/businesses
      • Be creative and intrigue the potential customers/businesses
      • Keep in touch/follow-up with all clients with e-blasts, thank you emails, post cards etc.
    21. Assist events team with placing invitation orders if necessary
    22. Manage and document issues, emergencies, problems, etc. via our Purple ETR Incident Report Log Book w/ Date, Time & Incident  
    Contact Information