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    Book in February, get 50% off one year of anti-phishing training
    50% off anti-phishing training

    Book a network assessment and penetration test in February and receive one year of anti-phishing training at 50% off the regular price. 

    Network Assessment

    A network assessment is where we come onsite and discover your business assets and software vulnerabilities.  We provide an extensive report of all vulnerabilities that are currently putting your business at risk.

    Penetration Test

    During a penetration test, we assume the role of a "hacker" and attack your network with no impact to you or your business. We provide a weighted recommended actions report on completion of all of the ways we were able to succeed and the recommendations on how to improve your security posture to make your business less vulnerable if you were being attacked by a real hacker.

    Anti-phishing training

    Anti-phishing training is provided to you and your employees by sending you "phishing" emails that appear to be real. If an employee clicks on a link, instead of installing malware, they are sent to a training video that describes how they could have spotted the phishing attempt, and how to avoid it in the future. A quarterly report is provided to you and your stakeholders to show progress in employee behavior.


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