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    IDARE Enterprises, the creator of CreativesMX is seeking to hire a Marketing Manager. The Marketing Manager is the architect of our brand voice and expansion campaign, bringing expertise, innovation and coherence to the design of an integrated overarching marketing strategy to which all of our content, social media & digital, partnerships and communications align. The Marketing Manager will engineer how we engage creatives and reach more diverse audiences, understand what users want and create a path for them to actively engage, and determine the content and partnerships to dramatically expand our work.

    The ideal candidate is an expert brand and message developer with tremendous vision around content and voice, who can recruit key influencers and strategic partners, engaging a broad coalition of allies and advocates to help us become ta leader in the creative economy.

    Position is part-time with opportunity to grow into full time. Salary commensurate with experience.

    Key Responsibilities & Outcomes:
    • Provide strategic vision and leadership of four key areas: content, social media & digital, PR/communications and partnerships.
    • Design, build and effectively lead a team that executes against strategic priorities and goals.
    • Create new opportunities for creatives and broader community action that can help amplify awareness and participation in the campaign.
    • Leverage, recruit and manage relationships with key influencers, partners and agencies.
    • Establish and lead strategic partnerships.
    • Develop shared messaging that inspires decision makers about what we can achieve together.
    • Oversee development an extensive library of online content in partnership with stakeholders who help amplify the diverse range of voices and perspectives affected by this issue.
    • Expand content distribution exponentially, ensuring anyone can access the tools and curriculum to lead awareness and education programs.
    • Develop common language, iconic statements and an educational framework about professional development with the goal of scaling a massive, standardized platform to nurture emerging creatives.
    • Build a brand amplification plan that will enable us to significantly expand and diversify our base of participants over the next three years.
    • Ensure consistency in brand voice across our various channels.
    • Oversee optimization of our existing website and social communities to expand engagement, as well as to explore new strategies like SMS.
    • Create platforms for measuring marketing metrics for acquisition and engagement across all channels to ensure we are achieving goals.
    • Ensure PR efforts focus on amplifying the movement through placements in print, broadcast and online media as well as speaking engagement.
    • Oversee traditional communications and media relations efforts as well as key influencer outreach and engagement.
    Qualifications and Experience:
    • Ideally over 7 years professional experience in brand development, content creation, marketing, PR, communications, and/or related fields.
    • Strategic planner and visionary idea generator.
    • Proven track record of helping a brand expand overall awareness and user base.
    • Extensive experience with content creation across formats (film, books, podcasts, blogs, etc.), and demonstrated creativity about how new approaches to content can help expand and diversify a base.
    • Track record of successfully managing agency relationships and building partnerships to expand content reach.
    • Experience building content marketing strategies that maximize reach across channels and to diverse audiences.
    • Highly creative and visionary when it comes to brand, content, and voice.
    • Expertise in integrated digital social media marketing campaigns & strategy.
    • Experience building systems and teams; seasoned manager who can support and develop young team members.
    • Experience thriving in high growth, early stage, entrepreneurial organizations.
    • Brings credibility, access and existing authentic relationships to be leveraged to advance our work.
    • Goals and metrics focused.

    Personal Qualities and Attributes:
    • Deep passion for IDARE/CreativesMX vision and mission.
    • Demonstrates a generosity of spirit & predisposition to believe in positive intent in people; applies this orientation internally & externally (works against territorialism and us versus them dynamics).
    • Energized by fluidity, and highly adaptable to rapidly evolving and changing environments
    • “Light the world on fire”, action-oriented approach to work.
    • A polished communicator and excellent writer, able to effectively articulate the case for CreativesMX support.
    • High energy, enthusiasm, and a strong work ethic.
    • Ability to manage multiple priorities at once and to galvanize a team to do so as well.
    • Collaborative, team-driven style.
    • Superior organizational, time-management and follow-up skills.
    • Entrepreneurial mindset that embraces experimentation and can quickly pivot where required.
    • Demonstrated commitment to diversity; someone who views others with an assets-based lens, values all individuals and respects differences in regard to race, ethnicity, age, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, religion, ability and socio-economic circumstance.
    IDARE Enterprise Employees are:
    • Hands-on self-starters who can work in small teams with minimal support.
    • Industrious, innovative thinkers who are as comfortable leading nimble productions as they are managing large institutional processes.
    • Passionate about popular culture and interested in how fandoms evolve and behave.
    • Committed to creating best-in-class work on each and every project.
    • Multidisciplinary and willing to explore new channels and mediums – no two IDARE projects are alike.
    About IDARE Enterprises

    IDARE Enterprises, the creator of CreativesMX, is an economy development company based in NY's Hudson River Valley. CreativesMX is a new platform representing the best of the creative economy. Emerging artists, entertainers, innovators and entrepreneurs make up CreativesMX. We are a passionate group comprised of creators who have the vision and desire to connect creativity, culture, and commerce. CreativesMX is a community of emerging artists, designers and entrepreneurs, connecting creativity, culture, and commerce through networking events, meets and marathons.

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